How To Remove A Diamond From Its Setting?


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The diamonds are usually held in place in rings and earrings by little arms called prongs.

How you separate the precious stone from the setting depends on what material the prongs are made of.

In most cases, you (or a jeweler) should be able to bend the prongs open, using a pair of jeweler's tweezers, without too much hassle.

Removing your diamond from its setting
To pry a diamond out of its setting, you'll need to bend back the prongs that are holding it in place. This can usually be done using a tool known as jeweler's tweezers.

You can see examples of this implement (as well as other tools of the trade) at

In certain cases, you may need to hit up the setting to make the prongs more malleable. Although the process should be fairly straightforward, I'd recommend taking your ring to a jeweler, as a professional will make sure no damage is done to the stone or the setting.

Some jewelers even offer the simple procedure free-of-charge, whilst others may charge a small fee.

Considering that you may have to invest in specialist equipment for removing the diamond yourself, it may be wiser to invest that money in the services of someone who knows what they're doing.

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Every Gold is very smooth metal as well as soft. So we have to easily pliers its small pairs & separate them each other.

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Gold is a very soft metal, so a small pair of pointed pliers works well.
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You will need specific tools to do the task, specially for prong settings, since it is the most delicate setting.

Jewelers have these tools and specialization in doing it.
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This is a specialist job. You could ruin the setting if you try it yourself. Best to take it to a jeweler.

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