Can You Still Get A Brazilian Wax If You Have Hemorrhoids?


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Laser Queen answered
I do Brazilian waxing, and there should be no problem with that, simply inform the technician doing you service that you have hemorrhoids you are worried about, and she/he can wax around them, not over them. I have had several clients with severe hemorrhoids that were still able to get waxed, so GO FOR IT!!!! You will love the results!
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I Though that a brazilian was everything. If the hemorrhoids are external that seems like a really bad idea. If internal when they pull they will pull. I would suggest that you treat them and then get the wax. They have a lot of over the counter meds that can work even generic but there is a foam that you can get from a doctor that really gets rid of stubborn ones.. One might try to avoid getting them by no straining to lift. Sometimes they are inevitable which I realized while I delivered and since. Good Luck
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Yes because it is the hair that is being removed and the hemorroids are adjacent to, but not on that same area.

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