What Color Shirt Goes With A Silver Suit?


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A silver suit can look great, if you have the confidence to pull it off!

When choosing a shirt to go with your suit, you need to keep in mind what shade of silver the jacket is.

If your suit is dark silver, you’ve got a lot of choice – black, white, and even bright colors like turquoise or hot pink can look good.

However, you need to be a bit more careful if you’re wearing light silver.

I’d avoid a white shirt in this case – otherwise, you’ll be wearing too many pale colors, which can make you look kind of washed out. Personally, I’d suggest wearing a black or dark purple shirt with a pale silver suit!

Regardless of how dark your silver suit is, I’d recommend wearing black or dark gray socks – definitely don’t wear white ones!
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Okay, there's either white or black!

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