How Can You Stop Your Nails From Curling Under?


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d ds answered
Curled nails are also known as 'clubbing'. Take a look at remedy for curled nails and also take a look at this blurtit reference.
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Deborah Worsham answered
If your nails are curling under, it can be the cause of several different things. Please contact me for more info
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Diane Keesler answered
Based on experience, you only need to regularly cut it. You can't really stop it but you can control it. It is very normal for nails to curl once you make grow really long.

If you have looked at guiness book of records and look at that person who had the longest nails, her nails where all endlessly curly.

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When you cut them down, to regrow them, cut them into a square kinda of shape, and phile them after. And keep shaping them for a few weeks and the will stop growing like that.

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