What Percentage Of People, Have Brown Hair, And Blue Eyes?


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8% of people have blue eyes
2% of people have blond hair - blonds usually have blue eyes we can say that 1,5% of the have blue eyes
but 2% of people are redheads
redheads have brown, blue, green eyes
we can suppose that 0,5-1% of redheads have blue eyes
5,5-6% of people in the world have brown hair and blue eyes
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It's about 2% of the world and 5% of the U.S. Population, I have brown hair and blue eyes and I haven't met anyone with the same combination. Most people with blue eyes have blonde hair. I also know that blue eyes and red hair is the rarest combination out there, because most red heads have green eyes.

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Yes you are right that this percentage is not high. This is usually because of recessive genetic traits. Do if you see only in the west we find such combination while in the east and most parts of the world there are black hair with brown eyes.
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No it doesnt work like that
because blonde hair and blue eyes is more common than brown hair and blue eyes

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