What Percent Of Irish People Have Red Hair?


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In 1955 author E.A. Hooton  addressed this question in "The Physical Anthropology of Ireland".  He found the country series includes only 4.2 per cent with this shade.   Red hair of the Irish is definitely exaggerated. Currently there is no more than 5 % of red hair in Ireland (EA Hooton, Up From The Ape, 1958). Red hair in Sweden is more common. 
Thirty-five percent of the overall population carries this gene.
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Only about 5% of the population actually do. I find this very suprising because you think of Irish people to have red hair!
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I looked and it said 4 or 5 percent
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At least 10% of the people of EIRE, have red hair and a further 46% have red hair genes.

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