Where Can I Buy The Purple Catsuit That Alicia Keys Wore In 'Video'?


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James Parnell answered
Alicia Keys and her purple cat suit.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase the purple catsuit that Alicia Keys wore in the video for "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart", either in a store or online.

This is because the catsuit was specifically-made for Alicia Keys to wear in that video, and therefore it is not for sale.

The only way that you could obtain a similar suit is to ask Alicia's stylist - Wouri Vice - to make you a replica. However, that could prove very difficult!

  • Alicia Keys is an American soul and R&B singer and producer, who first shot to prominence with her debut album, Songs in A Minor, which sold over twelve million copies worldwide.
  • Alicia Keys is the stage name of Alicia Augello Cook.
  • Upon releasing her debut album in 2001, Keys became the best-selling new artist and R&B artist of that year.

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