Volunteer Work For A Retired Makeup Artist,can Someone Help?


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You could go the complete other direction and volunteer to work at an animal shelter.  OR a children's advocate..(big brothers)  OR you might look around and see what types of charity events fundraisers etc are being held and volunteer your services  giving make overs or something.  There are always self help groups in any area.. Maybe there's one for newly divorced women.. You could go and teach them all how to look great and boost their spirits and their ability to find a new victim..er boyfriend. 
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Very interesting, I think lot of voluntary groups/charity would lot to have your services. Especially women's support group- you could help them improve their self esteem etc. I used to work with such a group and I would have loved to have you. You don't get a lot of volunteers offering specialised services. Please get in touch with your local volunteer centre I am sure they would be able to find you something that you are interested in. Just Google the name of the area you live in and volunteer centre e.g. 'Luton volunteer centre'. Hope this helps.
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You could do Peace Corps! There are actually lots of people over age 50 becoming involved with Peace Corps. You can read more about that on their site:
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Maybe try a retail stores that has several cosmetic lines. They are always having special events and having customers in to have makup put on them. I think they call them free lancers.

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