Why Do Women Dress Up Even Though They Are Married Or In A Relationship?


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For one's own self esteem, and self confidence! You are putting your best foot forward, with image or presentation being your first greeting to others, especially in the corporate world.  If not in the business world, you do it for your self, and as a reflection of your family.  It's not that you're trying to 'impress someone', if you're not in the corporate rat race, but it completes your public image, which reflects on those you love.  I feel much better when I get up and put on my makeup and fix my hair and clothes, even if I'm only going to KROGER....at least better than I would if I went, with my 'bedhead' hair and ''around the house'' clothes.  I might not WANT to put all that effort in some days, but I'm always sorry if I don't, because I'll see someone I know....invariably. I know that sounds like I'm ''doing it for everyone else'', but the consequences of being SEEN in less than good condition are mine alone.  Just my two cents.....besides if you really don't want to ever make the effort, maybe you should consider depression, being the root of the non -concerned attitude.
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Women ought to dress even though they are married due to different reasons which may be subject or  objective .In the African culture woman has to dress up decently in all aspects  of being noble in the family to the extent that a true African woman has to look for at least something for the man and children  to dress on in the family that is why some individuals say that a smart man portrys which kind of woman he is married to. There is need for  privacy in terms of their body parts for example not because woman is married that she can expose herself to everyone on the streets of kampala  ,some dress because they want to be decent in the public,purpose of respecting the different culture that women leave in ,fashion has also been an issue among married women in today's life style ,religious aspect where they say woman has to be the example in dress ,social economic status and also to impress those who see her. 
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Fashion is a style of human behavior. Everyone wants to look nice. Women, the delicate creature, have so many ornaments to make themselves glittering. They have all kind of jewelery, fancy dress, stylish shoes, fabulous hand bags, different make up kits and expensive perfumes, only a few which men uses.

The women also feel more jealous than a man does. They always find themselves in competition with other women in terms of beauty and ornaments. They always like to look different from others. This attitude forces them to remain spick and span in most of the occasions.
I wonder what he thinks of women in similar blouses walkin' by him...I bet he looks and this is what he does not want men to do to you.  that is the psychology behind it.
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Its not necessarily for their husband/boyfriend, its for THEIR own confidence. EVERY woman likes to feel attractive. They don't like going to the stoe in sweats! They are going to feel way less desireable and thats going to put them down. If their down, most likely their spouse will feel upset and THEIR relationship isn't going to be exciting because the woman doesnt feel like she deserves it.

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