Is A 34c The Same Size As A 36b?


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I know I am answering this question long after it was asked, but the answers already here are wrong. I used to sell lingerie and know what I am talking about.

The cup of a 34C and and 36B are the same size. The band around the body is larger on the 36. When you go up a size around you need to go down one size on the cup to get the same fit in the cup.

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No. A 34C has a bust size of 37 inches while the 36B has a bust size of 38 inches meaning the 36B is bigger. However a 34C and a 36A are the exact same size.
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A 34-c is bigger in cup size. As a 36-b is only bigger in inch size. But cup size is a smaller size with the b-cup.

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