What Is The Difference Between Antiperspirant And Deodorant?


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Antiperspirants help to reduce the amount of sweat that you produce. They do this through an ingredient called aluminium chloride, which forms a gel to partially block the sweat glands.
Deodorants contain very mild germicides and these kill the bacteria which feed off skin secretions. It is this bacteria which causes the odour. They also contain perfume to help mask the smell of sweat.
Some people vbelieve that the gel formed by an antiperspirant is not healthy, because it actually clogs over the sweat pores. However, there is currently no categoric scientific proof to assert that they are indeed unhealthy.
Others feel that deodorants which simply mask the smell of odour are not enough and for this reason, they prefer to use antiperspirant.
However, neither can replace the role of good hygiene which will enormously the amount of bacteria which is created and will naturally inhibit any odours from forming.

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