Why White Spots Are Appearing On My Face?


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White spots are the symbol of lower calcium in your body. So you should need to increase your calcium intake to get rid of this problem. There are different types of tablets available to increase the level of calcium in your body. You can take them after doctor's prescription.

Moreover I would like to recommend you take food rich with Calcium, this will improve your health conditions as well. Here is a list of Calcium rich food:


Milk,Yogurt ,Cheese


Cornmeal,Wheat flour,Bread,Cereals ready-to-eat



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There are many skin condition that causes white spots on the skin. Like reported on the http://www.antivitiligo.com/vitiligo/things-like-vitiligo.html
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That's a load of BULL it's not calcium related I'm a GP and its just a case of pours being clogged up with dirt like being in a polluted place or a case of hormones if your going through puberty or pregnancy.or your not washing your face right. The white, yellow colour is the white blood cells in the spot. Just wash your face and you'll be fine .

Dr David xxx

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