Why Is Grooming Important?


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Grooming is improtant because not just is a matter of your your outlook appearance but its also about your inner beauty which comes out when you feel that you r feeling fresh, of course wid a daily shower in the morning & then wid appropiate clothing as per the day's occassion. There are certain few things which a person should keep in mind before we start our day. No matter if we are not attending interviews everyday but we should make an effort to keep ourselves groomed with the basics. These include cleaning your teeth, bathing with a good shower lotion followed by a cologne to keep you feel refreshed after the shower. Then do not forget to use a deo or talc instead. Moisturise your skin if its too dry of any kind of lotion that suits your skin type. Wear clean odour free clothes. Wearing the right type of clothes might as well help you to feel confident.
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Grooming is important because in society today we are obsessed over it.

The idolised fashion models, actors, famous groom!

We have media and advertising which shows us images of what the perfect woman and man should look like!!

Influencing the general public!!

The magazines such as heat magazine criticise fashion and make up of the famous and idolised!!

Which fuels the obsession!!

We are influenced by others to groom and to look good.

Today this is very important!!

It has not always been as important but has still played apart.

As in the victorian times they still had to commply to fashion and make up and grooming as we do!

Its just advertised and more in our face than it used to be!

Why do we groom!

To look good!!

To look how we think we should look!!

To feel good!!

To atrract peopel!!

BUT the main reason is to stay a part in society!! To be a part of society!! People are told and influenced by these pics and ect. And are made basically to think that they have to groom!!

Wb ema xx hope that helps
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It isn't, not in the sense mentioned above. What those young people describe is societal control over gender conformity. Really, all that's required is to bathe daily; brush and floss teeth twice daily, keep hair clean and free from tangles and trimmed occasionally to avoid split ends, keep nails trimmed and healthy. HEALTH is the only thing that matters. Shaving does not matter, for men OR women. That's a choice best left to individuals. If others disapprove, that's their problem.  If you need to conform for a job or a god, well, that's your decision. But however you groom/dress, focus on what YOU want to say about YOU. Screw the fashion police and forget society's mandates. Society is NOT looking out for you.
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I agree with Guest  to an certain extend. Yes, a person only needs the basic grooming for everyday living. But reminder you... Guest if someone did not groom just with the basic, trust me people will judge or become offense because the person didn't take the time to groom with the basic.

Our society lift the level of grooming to another level with fashion, images, status. No one should not be judge if their appearance is just with the basic grooming. You might agree with me.

If a person is seeking a certain job, position or  has important meeting and know clearly that the type of people he or she are engaging with should dress to impression.

So thats my intake on why is grooming important.
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Grooming is important because of your looks and attraction. It will make you look amazing and trendy. You can be with the new generation. And you will have no state of deprivation.

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