Is It Easy To Hem Pants & Shirts?


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Hi, it easy for me to hem pants and skirts, now that I have found Stitch Witchery. I can iron a new hem in a few minutes. That stuff is great. Try it you will like it. Take care!
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What is Stitch Witchery? I HATE sewing so it I can iron something on instead, I would buy that product. Does it stay after several washings?
Brenda Harrell
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It is an iron on tape, you can be it in any sewing department. Where fabric and notions are being sold.
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If you feel that you can not place a single blind stitch, the fastest but not the cheapest way is to hire a seamstress todo the work

But back to self-reliance, it is a simple task after you have measured the inseam (distance from the crotch to the desired point at or below the ankle, as the person stand erect) of the person to be wearing the pants. Mark the same measurement from the crotch to a chalk mark. This is where the leg section material is folded to back inside the pant leg and straight pinned to hold the material inplace. Leave about one inch of excess material up into the inside of the leg. Trim the excess off. Pressing with a hot iron will insure a equal hemline. Using similiarly colored sewing thread, put the needle from one side to the other, creating a dotted line effect of exposed thread ever 1/8 of an inch all around the bottom of the pant leg material. This method is for the straight uncuffed style.
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Really easy. Iron them to the height you want first, then either use the iron-in tape stuff, or stitch them.
One tip - every couple of inches, put in a knot. That way the whole thing won't come down if the thread breaks some time.

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