What Kind Of Dress Would A Preteen Pageant Girl Wear?Example: Puffy, Long, Etc.


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If you were looking for Pageant wardrobe (not maternity), the wardrobe would depend on the pageant that you were competing in.  Research the pageant that you will be competing in before you enter it.  Ask the director for pictures of the previous year's competition.  Invest in the video taken of the pageant from the previous year.  This will give you a great idea of the gowns that the girls were wearing.
Again, please know that it will depend on the pageant system that you will be competing in.  If you are competing in a "glitz" system, the girls wear short dresses.  If you will be competing in a natural system, the girls generally wear a long gown.
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Just get some maternity clothes, you were bold and open enough to get pregnant, why attempt to hide it now, continue to be bold wear maternity clothing......the best to you

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