How Do I Remove Bags Under Eyes?


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First see a Doctor, because it can be as Aicha says an allergy or you are retaining water. If you don't have those problems, try cold slices of cucumber on each eye twice in a day for one week, and also cold bags of green tea, you drink the hot tea, put the bag tea in the fridge for one hour, then use one in each eye, I don't recommend make up, because it looks very evident, try natural things first.
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A definite lack of blood flow. Caused by one of many possible conditions, lack of proper sleep, heredity or maybe a direct impact from a blunt object or a fist.
If you consider the condition in need of correction, you have got to have a Medical Doctor investigate.

IMAGINE the dilemma the raccoons have to endure...
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Normally bags or dark circles around the eyes are due to fatigue, allergies, vitamin deficiency, overexposure to sunlight, poor diet, stress or they can even be heredity. There are a number of ways through which you can try to remove the bags under your eyes. Keeping pre-steeped teabags for 10-15 minutes might help. Use of cucumber or potatoes over the eyes can also prove effective. For more details and instructions, see the link below:
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After seeking medical assistance to make sure there is no underlying problem, believe it or not ... Preparation H. It tightens the skin, and that's what Sandra Bullock used in Miss Congeniality
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Usually the cause of the bags are lack of sleep or lack of vitamins. Just make sure you get enough sleep every night. Drink plenty of water and make sure you eat all your fruits and vegetable's. If that doesn't work you should consult your doctor or figure out how to cover it with makeup or something.
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I want some main hints about makeup
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You can try putting cold wet teabags on your eyes for around 15 mins.
If that doesnt work take some rosewater and dip cotton in the rosewater.close your eyes and put the cotton over them n remove after 5mins then repeat this 3-4 times. Do this everyday

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