I Would Like To Know If There A Surgery That Can Make Your Calves Smaller?


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These days, plastic surgeons seems to be able to cut almost anywhere, and they do perform liposuction on lower extremities such as calves and ankles.  Unfortunately, in most cases, calves are mostly muscle, and reducing by lip suction would not achieve the desired results in that case.

I am providing a link to an article about liposuction for calf reduction, but I would like to say one thing first.
I have been around a really long time in this world, and I have never ever seen anyone whose calves are too big, by the way.   I don't know why you think they are, but I wonder if this is something you've learned to believe by comparing yourself to others, or because of things you've come to believe because of others' judgemental or comments, but really, I encourage you to take another, more objective view.  You were meant to be exactly as you are, and I am willing to bet you are perfectly fine the way the universe made you.  All the best, whatever you decide.

Here is the link:
Liposuction Lower Extremities
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Yes, the methods I am thinking about are radical and may be deemed brutal, either stop feeding them or send them to the butcher!

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