I Am Wanting To Get A Tattoo That Reads, That Which Does Not Kill Me Will Only Make Me Stronger, In Latin. Could Anyone Tell Me What This Is In Latin And A Latin Font That I Could Use?


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Automatic translators make a hash out of Nitsche. I used a popular one (InterTran) and it translated it back to English as "When And Not To cut the throat Me Will Only To set in place Me Mighty". You'd be better off paying a professor of Latin some money before you get it done in ink.
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Had to laugh aloud at the Nietzsche translation! Who was it that was quoted to have said Nietzsche was a fool after he remarked Plato was boring...? Perhaps it is just deserves. Thanks for the chuckle ;)
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"Habemus papam intra muros" does NOT mean "That which does not kill me will only make me stronger"—it means "We have a pope within the walls" (which doesn't make much sense). Unfortunately, this phrase is a little too complex for me to translate. I have only had practice translating Latin to English, not English to Latin (trust me, they're completely different things).
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I have researched this area before: "Habemus papam intra muros"

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