How To Get Rid Of Black Razor Bumps On The Back Of Head?


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If you are finding you have black razor bumps after shaving this is usually down to ingrown hairs. There are a few things you can try to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Firstly, if you use an exfoliating cleanser before you shave, this will make sure the pores are not blocked and enable the hairs to grow the correct way easier. Also, if you apply heat to the area you are shaving prior to it, this will open up the pores, which will help reduce the chance of razor bumps. One way of doing this is by perhaps shaving straight after you have a shower or whilst the shower is running, which would allow the steam to help open up the pores where you are shaving.  For the next few days after shaving continue using the exfoliating cleanser. This will ensure the pores are not blocked with dirt of sweat so that the hairs can grow out normally rather than become ingrown again.

The other thing to do to prevent black razor bumps is to avoid shaving that area, but if you want that area shaved then this will most likely not be an option for you.

Finally, if you use a trimmer makes sure you clean it fully after each shave, which means taking the blades out and ensuring all hair is removed from the shaver. This will give a cleaner shave and also help to stop the black razor bumps appearing on your head after shaving.

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