How To Remove Dark Areas On Our Elbows And Finger Joints?


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Shirley McLean Profile
Shirley McLean answered
These are probably "age spots", or sun spots, and can be removed by nightly application of a bleaching cream one can buy in the drug stores all over.  The process is slow, and patience is important, but they work!  I think Aveeno makes one, but wouldn't swear to it.
Muhammad Nadeem Profile
Muhammad Nadeem answered
There is one home remedy for the dark areas on the elbows and finger joints. Take a lemon and cut it in to 2 halves. Press the lemon and empty its juice. The empty half of the lemon rub on the elbow and finger joints. You can also add a bit of salt in the lemon. This can work to treat dark area on the elbow and finger joints.

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