How Can I Get Prettier?


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Makeup and proactive don't always work , especially proactive . . . To get prettier just be yourself maybe you wear floods and old people clothes . . . Well try and wear clothes from charolette russe , wet seal , deb , american eagle , aeropostale , hollister , pac sun , etc. Wear your hair different . If you have natural curly hair try straight or half up half down . These are tips to making you look and feel prettier without using proactive and makeup . :DDD

ADIOS chickkkkkka , hope I helped you !! Love you and remember everyone is beautiful in there own special way
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If you are a girl, a good way to get prettier is to wear makeup. Also using proactive acne solution is a very good way to keep your skin looking young and it tightens your skin. If you want to bring out your eyes, Lash Blast mascara does wonders.
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Read poetry. Write songs. Spend quiet time alone, in meditation. Reflect on what it means to be a fully conscious human being. Then my dear, you will be pretty.
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You look you just have to do something new like change youre style or hair something new so you can  feel pretty!
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You can't be any more beautiful then you already are. God made you in his image, you can't be more beautiful
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About your forehead you could get bangs to sort of hide it =) Otherwise, paint your nails, always have your hair pretty, get your ears pierced...=)
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Honestly, just be confident. Confidence is the ABSOLUTE GREATEST accessory. It makes everyone look at you, and think "Wow." Trust me. Just wake up every morning and say to yourself "I am beautiful!" It worked for me! (:
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You are perfect the way you are! :) You do not need to change, I'm sure you're beautiful just embrace your beauty, because there are some people not as fortunate as you who have scarred faces and other problems! :) Be happy!
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Your looks mean nothing  it's all about your attitude you could stand infront of you mirror for hours and make rude comments tword yourself or you can take acction the wrong attitude can lead to stress causeing more accnee and eating dissorters I know what your thinking how eatig disorders because you might think your too big if you have the wrong attitude but with the right attiutufe it can lead to less stress and less acnee more friends an say...... Boyfriends and girlfriends wichever good grades if your in school promotions if you have a job that needs confidence with the right attitude when yoy look in the mirror and try new things instead of thinking of everything that's wrong with it pick out what you like and add It to a new idea and always try something a little out of your comfort zone that always turns out best for most people mabey it's you.....

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