Why Do Some Girls Have Hairy Arms?


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Both men and women are born with body hair - including hair on their arms. However, in certain cultures, women tend to remove this hair.

The thickness and and length that body hair grows to is affected by several factors, but mainly by the presence of hormones called androgens in the body.

Why do some girls have hairy arms? Androgens are a type of hormone that are responsible for male-like characteristics in humans.

The most common androgen is called testosterone. Whilst androgens are considered 'male hormones', they are responsible for around 200 different actions in women's development (for example they kick-start puberty).

As well as that, the female hormone estrogen is primarily developed from androgens.

The amount of androgens a female has in her body will determine how much they affect her outward appearance. This is the main reason some girls have more hair on their arms than others.

Women in certain cultures tend to remove their body hair, and they do this by the following methods:

  • waxing
  • shaving
  • hair removal cream
  • laser treatment
  • plucking
What causes some women to be hairy? Androgen-imbalance is one of the most common forms of hormonal imbalance, and is responsible for some women having more hair than others.

It is absolutely normal for some women to appear hairier than others, especially if their hair color is dark.

In extreme cases, women might suffer from a condition called Hirsutism - which is where androgen levels are so high they cause hair-growth in areas not commonly associated with females (such as the upper lip or mustache area).
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It's hereditary and totally normal though. I have hairy arms!
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God put hair on man and women because we are all mammals. Some reason that girls/women have more facial or body hair then other girls/women are family genes, health issues medicines you are taken, thyroid issues, higher levels of testosterone inside your blood stream, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, or are a healthy young girl/women. 

Society tells girls/women remove all facial or body hairs except your head. I do not believe in what society said. I believe that natural girls/women are just as beautiful as girls/women with little or no body hairs. I believe that beauty comes from your heart and not the amount of body hairs. I would be a confident beautiful lady and you will do well in life. I hope this is helpful. Thank you,Russell

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