How To I Report Someone Selling Fake Chloe Handbags As Authentic?


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Immediately contact any law authority, they will know what to do. Things like this are major offense in commercial trade. Unlawful practice, duping people into buying worthless junks. You can also refer for more info about authentic designers bag here.
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Peter Tran , //, answered

Immediately call the police. Tell them all thing and show them online purchase document. 

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You can report her to the police department. It is a crime to sell fake bags as designer.They are cheating people out of hard earned money and ripping them off.
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Contact the police. It is not even okay if you say there okay, if the have the name, or same image or look that is copyright infrigement. They can go to jail and be fined.

Contact police.
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Actually, I have a neighbor who runs her hair salon out of her home, she has hundreds upon thousands of awesome replicas and jewelry and clothing, etc. Itslike a store,lol. She is not nice, very greedy and needs to learna lesson, who do I go to?
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Allow the police to handle this matter, next time you buy should look for when shopping online mark, the best to the rel="external" target="_blank"> rel="external" target="_blank"> shopping outlets

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