What Is The Reason For Having Pimples On The Cheeks?


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susmitha devi answered
Because of the extensive oil or because of the genes also we have pimples on the cheek.
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andrea Shewfelt answered
A lot of people don't realize this but pimples are often caused by your own actions. Do you sleep on your hands? Do you clean your cell phone before you touch your skin with it? Also every part of your face reacts to a certain part of your internal body parts that are in stress. Or even sometimes things that go on in every day life. I have been told that the cheeks are a sign of stress.
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It  could  be  because  she  is  eating  or
drinking  something  that  has  too  much
acid  in  it ..
When  my  neice  was  younger  she had
pimples  on   her   face  and  that  is  the
reason  ..
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Kacie Rogers answered
My 8year old got some from eating and drinking to much sweet stuff =/

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