What Are The Essential Features Of The Hair Oil Industry In Pakistan?


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As far as industry analysis goes, the hair oil industry has gained considerable momentum in the recent years. At present, on the continuum of the Product Life Cycle, the Hair Oil industry is in the growth stage- enormous growth in a more precise regard. The industry size right now is of Rs.15.5 billion (as of 2005) which has been a major metamorphosis from the 8.9 billion figures 5 years ago. As for the market leaders, the unbranded regional hair oil brands have managed to capture a whooping 34% of the market share chunk. Nevertheless conditions are expected to change attributing to a number of factors. Firstly the brand conscious attitude of the contemporary customers will play a paramount part in accentuating the value of the branded hair oils. Moreover the increasing proclivity towards natural products as opposed to synthetic and chemical hair products is another factor that would ensure further growth for the hair oil industry.

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