How Can I Check Authenticity Of A Lacoste Item?


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A major red signal for Lacoste as well as other fakes would be poor quality product.
Fake Lacoste items typically have solely one tag on it. This usually states 'Made in France'. Fakes are typically fashioned from substandard materials so as to cut costs.

As you know, all their designs proudly exhibit the crocodile logo so as to symbolise authenticity as well as true Lacoste style. Scrutinize this popular crocodile logo on any possible fake item. Is it sharp enough? Is it exactly how the Lacoste crocodile logo looks? For instance, check the crocodile's eyes. Check to see if the red colour observed in the mouth actually goes across the whole jaw. Remember that with shirts, the buttons never display "Lacoste" printed on them.

Go to For details. It shows the differences between Lacoste garments and fake Lacoste garments along with detailed pictures.

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