Where Do You Sell Silver?


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You can sell silver to any place that will buy it.

Typically, you’ll want to avoid selling to places online if you can help it for several reasons.

FIrstly there’s the visual problem. They can’t see what you’re sending them and you can’t see if they’re legit. You could take the chance of mailing it to them and hoping they send you the money, but they could falsify the information or claim that they never received it.

Your best bet is to go to a silver appraisal shop or even a large-scale pawn shop. Both of these places are available in almost every town and city across the world. If you’re trying to find one, just look online in a search engine or the Yellow Pages and you’ll find one to take your silver in to. They’ll be able to look at what you’ve got and determine if it is silver, if it is 100% silver or only a part of it, as well as what they’ll give it to you for.

As of 2011, the current value on silver is $17 an ounce.

That means that’s what it is actually worth. So if you are looking to sell silver to another place, they’re not going to give you that much because they won’t be able to profit from the transaction. Depending on the place that you go to and how much silver you have, as well as how pure it is, you may be offered somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 per ounce.

Many businesses will understand if you want to shop around. You don’t want to take the first offer if it sounds too low. Go down the street and see if you can do any better, or hold on to your silver until the rates go up, like they were in the 1970’s at $50 per ounce.
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Try the Silver and Gold Exchange.  Unlike most of the other cash 4 gold buying guys - these guys more specialize in silver.  When I had a very old European sterling set, I called and spoke with one of their silver experts and he was great - very knowledgeable, professional and helpful.  I then sent it into them and they paid me much more than I was expecting.  They were great to deal with.  I highly recommend them  here's their site =
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While selling silver, it depends on the form of silver that you have. Are you trying to sell silver coins, cutlery or jewellery? Trading silver in the London is easy and fair. London has something called the "Fix" which starts at 12:15 p.m. A fix means that you can buy and sell silver at the same price. The price may change from day to day. But at the time of the "fix" the rate of silver is the same for buying as well as selling. Check for the silver market and visit there during the fix time to sell silver. In the United States of America, the major trading market for buying and selling of silver is COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. There are a number of websites where you can check the price before you decide to sell silver. The best way to make profit through selling silver is to know when to sell.
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To sell silver or any precious metal, go to a certified coin dealer. Check your yellow pages and look for someone who's been in business a while! If you check a Numismatist web site, you might find when and where coins shows will be. There's a huge coin show that happens in Central Florida the first of January every year. The competition is terrific and they want your business. Check around, maybe a trusted friend can help you out as to who to ask!
Pawn shops will not give you a very good price, they are out for a large profit and you'll get diddly-squart.
Hang on to it and watch the market for the rise and fall of gold and silver!
I've bought many gold chains at coin shops, as they sell by the "penny weight".
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Needing to sell a Reed and Barton Hampton Court 4 piece tea set. Whom do I contact?
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