What Is Size 42 For Men?


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Size 42 for men - in shirt sizes - is the equivalent to a size large. A size 42 shirt is suitable for men with chests measuring 42 inches. To find out if you are a size 42, you simply need to get a tape measure and measure around your chest, under your armpits. Depending on whether you like your shirts loose, tight or just right, a size 42 shirt may be suitable. Remember that a size 42 could still vary between shops, so always try a shirt on before you buy it. This prevents you getting confused and purchasing the wrong size. If you are a size 42, this means you have are of a slightly larger than average size.

You can also be a size 42 in men’s shoes. Size 42 is the European measure of shoe sizes, and is the equivalent of an American size 8.5. This could be considered an average shoe size for men - perhaps slightly on the small side. Again, it is important to always try before you buy when it comes to shoes. As well as show length, shoe width must be considered, and this can vary between shoe stores.

Whether you are buying clothes, shoes or accessories, it is crucial you try items on before you buy them, to ensure they are the appropriate size. This option is available in the majority of high street stores. Of course, if you are shopping online, this can be a problem. The best thing to do is check any relevant conversion figures if you are unsure of what the size means. Don’t just take a guess! As well as this, be familiar with the online store’s return policy. Never buy before trying if there is no option to return the products.
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Size 42 is usually a large size for men. Size 42 depicts the length, height and width of the cloth. It shows the area of the cloth. Size 42 usually depicts the size of the top wear including a shirt or a t-shirt. Any size more than 44 depicts an extra large size. A size below 38 depicts a medium size. 42 size can also mean the waist size of the person. The 42 waist size is a person who suffers from obesity. It is a double extra large size. The average size of a male usually ranges from 40 to 44.
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Shirt size 42.its medium or large?
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Size 42s suit pant waist size

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