What Do People Wear In Saudi Arabia?


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The clothing in Saudi Arabia is generally considered to be a strong symbol of Islam and also the various traditions that it shares with in the past. Their garments are generally very loose and flowing. But this clothing completely reflects on the conservative style of dressing of Islam. Some of the traditional and conservative style of dressing is where men wear an ankle-length shirt woven from wool or cotton, which is called a thawb and along with this goes a shimagh, which is the chequered kind of turban that one will notice. For some other cold and chilly days they generally go in for a camel-hair cloak, which is known as bisht over the top. On the other hand the women clothing is considered to be something that is more colourful and a lot more traditional. The women's clothing comprises of a lot of tribal motifs, coins, sequins, metallic thread, and appliqués.

Some of the other rituals that they have to follow are wearing a 'burkha', which is like a long cloak and a veil. This is worn in order to protect their modesty. However, this law is followed only by Arabs in the country it is not necessarily followed by any foreigners who enter Saudi Arabia. So if you are not an Arab then you are definitely free to roam in your usual clothing.
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