What Did The Greeks Wear?


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Well greeks created the olympics during the time they did that they were naked and woman couldn't come to see the olympics. But they mostly wore white silk robes and what we call sandals for shoes.
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Ancient Greeks were fashionable. They raised sheep to obtain wool. It was this wool they made their cloths out of. They would spin the wool to turn it into a light weight cloth. After being spun, this wool was not like the wool that we wear but instead was a warm lightweight cloth. They used wool in different colours and patterns. Coloured cloths were actually very popular. Colours were particularly popular among women. They used natural dyes that they made from plants and flowers to colour the fabric. The basic garment was a tunic made by joining two rectangular pieces of fabric along the shoulder and arms. A belt was an essential, on the waist. This garment is called "Chiton". A cloak called the "Himation" was worn over the Chiton. These garments were unisex, both men and women wore the same type of garment. Except the Chitons women wore were long and those of the men were of full length.
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The Greeks wore togas.Those white lining raps are kind of like a sheet.
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I Have NO clue

some kind of tea towel -for old olympics

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