What Does Razor Burn Look Like?


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Razor burns look like rashes but can differ slightly in appearance based on the severity of the burn. The skin usually looks reddish and has a rash like appearance. On closer inspection the rash may look like tiny red dots closely packed together. There may also be a swelling in the area where the scars appear. As razor burns are caused by the hair being pushed back into the follicle, the follicles in the area are what get inflamed. The follicles can either get inflamed or can develop ingrown hair. There are several reasons why these rashes appear, they can be caused by shaving in the reverse direction of the hair growth, by using razors that have been previously used, by shaving too frequently, by shaving early in the morning when the skin is still rough and by shaving over dry skin.
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Razor burns...
There is a rash around the shaved area and ti usually has a darkened colour and si very itchy but hurts when you scratch.

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