What Are The Bad Effects Of Fashion On A Student's Life?


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Fashion and the fashion industry can be important and inspirational to people in all walks of life, especially students.

On the other hand, getting too involved in fashion and clothing when your time would be best spent studying is an obvious danger.

My opinion is that fashion can be both positive and negative, depending on how much someone lets it affect their lives.

The effect of fashion on students

Having gone to University in a major fashion capital like London, I feel like I've had some first-hand experience into just how much fashion can interrupt a student's life.

Everyone likes looking good, and what someone chooses to wear is definitely a part of looking good.

But for some people, the desire to dress nicely can take over both their life - and their finances.

Students are well known as a group who are constantly short of money. Unless you have the luxury of wealthy parents who keep your bank balance looking healthy, most youngsters have to get through university or college on a fairly tight budget.

Whilst nights out and stocking the cupboards with Pot Noodle are two significant drains on a student's wallet, clothing is often considered a major usurper of funds.

The dangers of fashion to students

As well as the financial repercussions of getting too involved in fashion, a student who spends his or her time worrying about the latest trends and styles is being distracted from the primary objective of a student: To study!

If you are passionate and inspired by buying cool clothes, then knowing how much time and money to dedicate to your hobby can be vital.
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Fashion is good but not every time specially on the time of studies!
I'm also a student and also understand the feelings of all students but the thing is that if you want a better future, then now you have to make your present condition most tough for you.
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Nothing. It's just a trend of living but it also affects our economy.

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