What Is Accutane Embryopathy?


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Accutane is a process that involves treatment of severe forms of acne for which no other treatments were proven effective before. Accutane Embryopathy occurs in an embryo due to the application of Accutane during pregnancy. This is a disorder characterizing birth-defect, which vastly affects the heart, brain, ear and face of an infant.

Accutane, genetically known as isotretinoin, is a drug synthesized from vitamin A. it is true that lack of vitamin A during pregnancy is proven to develop increased susceptibility to various diseases, however there is an ongoing debate associated with the potential risk of applying excess vitamin A in the nutritional supplements during pregnancy. But, it is proven already that the exposure to the drug isotretinoin may cause the disorder. Accutane Embryopathy is not at all an inherited disease; rather it is formed only through the exposure to this particular drug during pregnancy. There is always a heightened risk of loosing pregnancy or having baby with Accutane Embryopathy if the medication is used anytime after 15 days after the onset of conception, however, if the medication is stopped before conception no potential damage is expected.

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