How Do You Use A Pumice Stone?


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A pumice stone can be used to get rid of the dead skin from a 'callus or corn.' Calluses and corns are regions of hardened, thick, dead skin that form on the feet or hand, due to pressures, injury and friction.

Immerse your foot or other affected areas in soapy, warm water for about 5 minutes till the skin becomes soft. Rinse the pumice stone. Stroke the pumice stone on the wet callus or corn by applying medium pressure for about 5 minutes or less depending upon the extent of hardness on your skin. Through this way, you will be able to remove the dead skin.

Make sure that you use the pumice stone regularly and wash the stone after every use. However, ensure that you do not rub the pumice stone excessively on the skin because it can even cause bleeding on the skin.
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Get rid of corns or calluses bye soaking your feet in water then wet pumice stone then scrub corn or callus with pressure,but not too much pressure, for about 3 minutes or until corn becomes soft or callus falls off. You can also remove corns bye putting little tore pieces of bread into vinegar n let sit for 30 minutes then pick  get bread out of the vinegar n place on foot , put band aid or tape over it to keep in place if corn not peeled off b y morning repeat the next day or until it is gone. =)

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