What Is The Biggest Fashion Disaster?


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The main problem in determining the biggest fashion disaster is that fashion is one of those things that people see in different ways. What might look really cool to one person, might look absolutely ridiculous to another.

Having said that, there are some lines that just shouldn't be crossed. Here is a list of the top 3 biggest fashion disasters I've ever come across:

Top 3 fashion disasters

Over the years, human civilization has given us some truly awful fashion trends. From the 'party in the back' mullet to the mega-sized shoulder pads of the '80s, we've all been guilty of crimes against fashion at some point in our wardrobe.

But the following examples take the idea of 'fashion crime' to genocidal levels with their offensive outfits:

Nicki Minaj-

There's a fine line between creative and crackers. With this outfit, Nicki Minaj has not just crossed the line, she's turned it into some sort of multi-colored origami involving a patchwork quilt and a headpiece made entirely out of flammable plastics.

Whilst Minaj is well known for her outlandish image, this look is definitely more disaster-piece then masterpiece.

The entire cast of Jersey Shore-

It's rare for an entire TV cast to get it so badly wrong, but MTV's Jersey Shore has managed to do just that. Their style is tacky and crass, and is made even worse by the fact that the offenders walk about thinking they're God's gift to fashion.

If you've seen it on Jersey Shore, you know you shouldn't be wearing it - you've been warned!

Fashion freaks

Whilst dressing like an individual is admirable, going for an extreme look but not quite getting there can have disastrous consequences.

Only the other day I saw a Goth standing outside the supermarket with face paint that looked like a cross between a mime and The Crow.

Whilst I like listening to Sisters of Mercy just as much as the next person, this kind of behavior is unacceptable!
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Michelle Obama wearing a sweater to greet the Queen of England. Tacky.
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Tall rainbow socks - eww. You know, knee highs - yuck.
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Brown shoes with anything is a disaster.

Bum Bags are a total disaster.

But anything that makes YOU feel good can't be bad, so--- to hell with the fashion police!
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Brown and blue do not go together. And guys who wear their pants too high around their waists look funny too. Capris on girls make me ill, as do bikinis on women who just should not expose that much flesh.
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Women's shoes - pretty much any time period (but especially today with the extra long pointy toes)!

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