What Is The Cost Of Implant Dentures?


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The cost will depend on a number of issues such as the amount of time that it takes to fit the dentures, how large a proportion of the teeth are being replaced  - this will be top or bottom or both - and also how much the particular orthodontist charges. The cost can range from $800 for a single implant to $100,000 for the full mouth. Despite it being possible to get an implant for $800 the average cost will be $3000 or one implant.

If there is enough bone left it will be possible to have the implants attached to them and then the dentures will be fixed to the posts. This will obviously cost more than normal dentures but it is a much better way of utilizing false teeth. This means that it will be easier when eating and speech will be improved.

The implants are much more comfortable then dentures that are put in and taken out if they are put in with a sticky bond. There needs to be pressure to remove them so there will be no concerns they will fly out when they are not meant to be. Some are fitted as a bar and others are separate implants at intervals along the jaw.

When a price is given make sure that all the other necessary procedures are covered. There will need to be x rays, scans and consultation fees. Another nasty shock some patients get is when they receive a bill from more than one specialist and the price is suddenly a lot more than they were expecting. The price they had was from one person or their part of the work.
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I paid only 2300 for the upper snap-on implant denture including the gold bar.  Unfortunately the 4 in 0ne procedure on the bottom denture has been priced at 12,000.  I haven't done it yet as I am trying to find a lower price.   The implants were 8,000 and are done.
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All on 4 implant dentures are priced from 350,000 baht in Thailand. You can find more information on the cost of implant dentures here smileplanners.com

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