At What Age Do We Pack The Daisy Duke Shorts Away For Good? *** Please Check The Picture Before Answering***


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Haha! Ok, well I think that 25 would be a good age, because that is when the person's life really starts lifting off. At an earlier age, they are still considered 'kids', so daisy dukes are not banned just yet. But at 25 and older, if you want to get somewhere and be respected as an adult, pack away your daisy dukes for good!
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Ahh well I would never wear anything that short in public unless it was a bathing suit and I am so glad I don't look like that in a bikini .... Anyway what age humm  no specific age, but when someone tells you it's not the hottest out fit you have they are probably hinting that you can't pull off the look anymore...
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That was nasty but funny
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Oh yuck!  Way before then!!!! Maybe before the pores become dimples and the dimples become volcanoes???
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Oh, I'd have to say never.
  I'm 92 and still wearin mine.
By the way, where ever did you find that picture of me?
  That was taken at Daytona Bike Week and they asked me to entertain the other bikers. . I am a professional belly dancer.  Ain't I a hottie ?
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Alan commented
No wonder that Marine guy fell for ya..
Ya know what marines are like .lol
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Hey, hey - what a second there fella. That's my grandma yer talkin to. (And she can spit tobackey farther than you can see, too, so watch out...)
Rena Chisholm
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Ahahahaha. You tell him sweetie. You know you're my favorite granddaughter!
I'm with Amore on this one.  However, I feel that if one takes care of there body, perhaps one could wear them into  You'd said put them away at 21 in your previous question, well, my pet, take a look at my pic & guess how old Nassy's body was in said
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LOLZ.... People should act their age.. Its no harm staying young but not at the cost of your outlook.. You know what I mean
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Umm, probably just before THAT age I would say!!!! ....and can I just say this spell check on this does have it's advantages but due to the fact I speak in computer slang on here, it doesn't help!
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Oh man, that was just not pretty. And I was trying to talk myself out of going to the gym today and now I think I will get myself right over there!

I'm going to say 25 is about tops for short tight clothes. Sure there are exceptions but I've never been a big fan of seeing butt cheeks hanging out on anyone.

And while we are on the topic. I am also vehemently opposed to crack. When someone tells me that crack is whack, the first thing that comes to my mind, is low rise pants. I don't want to see ANYONE'S crack. I just had to return a pair of pants that I bought for my 3 yr old daughter because they were so low rise that she had exposed crack. I'm sorry, it is just wrong to design clothes for little girls that make them look like little hookers.

So no butt cheeks and no crack is my stand.
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Can you imagine that womans grandchildren must think when they see nana dressed like that?..that is funny

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