Why Is A Manicure Called A Manicure?


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The term manicure is a French word which has its roots in the Latin term manus, meaning 'hand' plus the term cura, which means 'care'. This is because a manicure is a cosmetic treatment which is given to the fingernails; which includes shaping and polishing.

When used as a transitive verb, it means trimming, cleaning and polishing (the fingernails). It could also be extended in general to mean clipping or trimming evenly and closely.

As a beauty treatment, nowadays both men and women enjoy a manicure. There are a number of specialty manicures on offer such as a French manicure. A manicurist is the term given to one who gives manicures. A related term is a pedicure which is a similar treatment which is performed on the feet.

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