What Do Skin Shingles Look Like In First Stage?


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In the first stage of shingles, a red rash will appear on the skin. There will probably be red spots surrounding this rash. Sometimes the rash looks like severe eczema. Below is a link that will lead you to a picture of what the first stage of shingles typically looks like:

• Shingles and common symptoms

Shingles, also known as Herpes zoster, is a serious viral infection that usually occurs after an episode of chicken pox. The main symptom of shingles is a bright red, blistered rash on the skin - this could be anywhere on the body. Other symptoms can include headaches, itching or burning sensations. In the elderly, the virus can be quite painful, although this is unlikely with the younger generation. In the majority of cases, the body fights the virus alone, although medication can be sought to aid the process. Shingles tends to last from ten days to three weeks.

• Treatment of shingles

Although shingles usually goes away on its own, it is highly recommended that specialist medication is taken (as prescribed by a doctor). This is particularly the case if it is an elderly patient who has contracted the virus; their immune system may be too weak to fight the shingles. In general, shingles medication is designed to prevent pain, reduce and sooth the rash and quicken the recovery process. Treatments can be given in the form of lotions, which should be placed on areas with rashes, and anti-viral drugs which fight the virus internally.

If you think you or someone else may have shingles, consult your doctor immediately for an accurate diagnosis. Many people with related symptoms believe they have shingles, when actually they have something much less severe (eczema, for instance). Consulting with your doctor will lead you to the appropriate treatment program.

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