How can u tell if someone is a natural blonde?


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PJ Stein answered

Natural blondes tend to be blonde all over. Arm and leg hair, eyelashes, etc. Though I someone who has the darkest eyebrows and very blonde hair naturally.

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You don't see dark roots under their Blonde hair and it would appear more blonde on top and all over ..Now with one who dyes their hair, you would see the combination of dark roots under their Blonde hair I'll share a story with you. Growing up me and my sister's hair was a toe blonde hair color and My Mom would take us to Dr. Hughes when she couldn't get Dr. Bill and Dr. Hughes always said, here come my little Toe Heads he was such a sweet doctor but my Sister was born with coal black hair and I was born with Blonde hair so light it looked White but as we both got older .. My hair now is dark brown and my Sister has like a dark dirty blonde hair color.

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