How permanent is laser hair removal?


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This form of hair removal treatment is permanent. It will take several sessions over a few months, but the results will last your entire life. Once the hair follicles are destroyed by laser treatment, the hair will never grow back.

However, you should note that not every follicle that is hit by the laser ends up being destroyed. A small percentage of follicles are just damaged by the laser treatment instead.

Those damaged follicles may still lead to hair growth in the future. However, hair from damaged follicles tends to be lighter and less noticeable than it was before, which is good enough that most people don’t need more laser treatment to manage it. Having a bit of hair may make the skin look more natural, too.

If you are really adamant about being 100% hair free in the desired region, be ready to go through several rounds of laser removal over the years. You can find yourself laser hair removal in Kent by contacting these professionals.

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