How do i get my hair care properly at home? Only use shampoo or conditioner? Which brand should i choose?


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Bella Chow answered

Firstly, you can use
wooden comb, there are a lot of people use this kind of wooden comb to protect
hair now! It can promote the blood circulation of head. Wash your hair
diligently quickly, wash more 2 days commonly once, less 5 days wash a time. In
the process, you can use the Colornow
Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo
and Colornow
Keratin Daily Conditioner
. You can rub massage for your hair which can make
its scalp clean and make scalp live blood current.

Protect your hair
from drinking and smoking. Drinking and smoking are bad for your hair! After
washing hair, a lot of people take out the hairdryer to blow wet hair dry.
However, it is 100 degrees above hairdryer, such very easy to cause hair loss
and damage your scalp. So try not to blow your hair with a hair dryer. I wish
it can help you~!

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Yin And Yang answered

My Grammy used Bellas home hair care products and now she is as BALD as an eagle!!!!

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Taila Nevado answered

There are different types of hair. First of all, you have to
find yours and then you can choose the appropriate way to care for it. Most of
the shampoos and conditioners are
also categorised according to the various kinds of hair. You can even do
some research online to see reviews about specific products.

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