how are u?


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I feel horrible lot of backstabbers on Blurtit . Well their accounts was reported to Law Enforcement and will see what will happen ?

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Sounds like Darren
Willie B. good
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Hehehe I'm shaking in my boots, guess the blurtit police are gonna come a-callin, oh wait a minute last time you said you call the police nothing happened....... so what did you say to law enforcement??? ( those blurtit people were mean to me) 😢 😢
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I’m alright.

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Hello! I am pretty fine, thank you! How about you? I
could have been better though! It’s a bank holiday today and I am having to
work while everyone else is having a good time. This is not fair, isn’t it?! I
am hungry and need a nap, but since I have to finish off some urgent stuff,
it’s just not possible!

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Hi, I am not well. I have fever and I did not get the time
to go to the doctor. I have too many works to complete at the office. My sister
gave me some medicines but they are not very effective. Do you know any natural
remedy to cure fever?

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So which option out of two you'd choose yourself?

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