What does a woman wear that attracts a guy?


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A smile. ☺

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Janis Haskell
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And a wink! ;)
cherry lee
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wear the romantic body wave hair https://www.dsoarhair.com/body-wave-human-hair-weave.html
Zakir Ishfaq
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Very good post and plz also check the list of top three most attractive eye http://www.joentertain.com/girls-with-most-beautiful-eyes/
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The less, the better.

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We're okay with "Air" . . . On behalf of all men everywhere, air on an attractive woman is the preferred attire . . .

 . . . we would also accept water . . .

On an unattractive woman? . . .  a complete burlap sac ensemble is recommended.

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This is one of the most dangerous things.

What you put out you at some point get back.

Do you really want that? Think it out.

Once a mistake is made it can't be unmade.

This could change your life, and not for the better.

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The most attractive thing about a woman is her eyes. Therefore, all the girls who want to seduce a guy on the first date, I advise you to wear a beautiful lace dress and false eyelashes https://alleyelashes.com/lilly/. Make-up should be restrained, but beautiful. Be sure to use a delicious perfume.

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