If you won big, say... ten million dollars or more---honestly, now---do you think it would change you? For the better or worse? Do you think you would become snobbish? (if you aren't, already) lol Also, do you feel money buys happiness?


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I wouldn't change at all.

Pass the Grey Poupon please.

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Happiness is not attained by way of the legal tender, it is the product of good decisions, appreciation of the moment and outwardly positive thinking. The state of unrepentent pleasure. Money is but a tool to empower one to these ends.

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I think money changes people. I know someone who has money and likes to rub it in others "less fortunate" faces. He swears his poop don't stink and that everyone should kiss his @$$. If you don't agree with him you are automatically wrong and written off. If you make him mad he will hold a grudge forever. I would never want to be like that. But a little more then just barely scraping by by the grips of your finger nails would be nice to. Lol! 🤔

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There can be small doubt money changes people, particularly those to whom it comes all at once. So many have fallen under the spell of material goods or vain prestige cast by our society as the answer, they blindly mount that path to no avail. I see it firsthand in pro athletes who move down here all the time.
Folks who have no tangible concept of happiness cannot be sated by any means until they can define what it is to truly be happy.
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Where are you from Z, if you don't mind me asking?
Call me Z
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I am originally from Virginia, but live on South Florida's gulf coast
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I'm probably too decrepit to make much use of $10M but it would sure make a big difference to my family.

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Didge Doo
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Oh, yeah. I wasn't exaggerating. There's a young guy living inside but the outside has been around since God's dog was a puppy.
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Lol! You are so funny! 😄
It's what's on the INSIDE that counts remember!!!!!!
Karen aka Bailey's Mom
Have I ever told you that you are my favorite uncle? Brahahahaha......
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It would only change me in the way of relief. I could use that money to pay off my car and my credit card, then I could place enough away for any taxes and for savings. Anything left, I would use to completely repair my wife's and my vehicles so they would last longer. It would really help.

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