How do you Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?


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Offer him money.

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If your heart is telling you to talk to him, do it. What do you have to lose?
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You need to identify & deal with the initial reason why you broke up. Then & only then can you rectify the problem & get back together. Just make sure you are getting back together for the right reasons.

Don't throw yourself at him. It takes 2 people to contribute to s relationship & there has to be a united front & give & take from both parties. Good luck!
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they are exe's for a reason
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even though it's what most advise, i'm not really with the idea of not texting or calling him. I don't really know about others but it doesn't work for me and my boyfriend. You shouldn't really play hard to get i think you're past that phase already. Text him a long paragraph maybe? We do that all the time and it works. Tell him your sorry and try not blaming him often. It upsets guys. Also be understanding and tell him how you're willing to let the events of the night of the fight go. Tell him you miss him and try being sympathetic with him. Try sorting out your problems in a serene manner.

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Write him an old fashioned letter. Let him know what you are feeling. He can't hang up on a letter. It gives him time to process what is in it. With that said, do you really want to marry someone who has this type of reaction to an argument? If you two can't talk through something the marriage is doomed. You could just let him go and save yourself bigger grief later.

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