On the heels of another similar question, can you list seven wonders (natural or manmade) that you have personally seen? It really doesn't have to be seven, btw.


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Grand canyon

New River Gorge bridge

Natural Bridge

Luray Caverns

Niagara Falls

Golden Gate bridge

Redwood forest

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In my good fortune of having traveled so widely, there are many things I might choose. But for the sake of conversation, I'll offer these, in no particular order:

The Grand Canyon- No one who has been there would say it isn't awesome. Its beyond that.

Manhattan- Hard to believe this human beehive was once a wooded isle. Love me some Manhattan.

Yangshuo in China- Words or paintings can't do it justice. Best boat ride ever.

Kyoto, Japan (old city)-  Simply the most peacefully beautiful place I've ever seen.

The Burj al-Arab in Dubai- The Finest Hotel in the world, in every respect, IMO. An absolute marvel.

The many rock formations in Eastern Utah- Moab, Arches, all of them.

Versailles Palace- I can't imagine how the poor French people allowed Louis to live this way.

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Super good list. Thank you :)
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Love it. Thanks Z, your comments are terrific.
Call me Z
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@Toxic- My pleasure.
@Jan- going back to one of your earlier answers, there are just so many amazing places around this planet, we are poorly served to only name a few.
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Hi Toxic Hairball,

Yes the Grand Canyon...you look down and see millions of years of the Earth's history...and the whole American Southwest - the awesome beauty, the peacefulness; the ancient civilization there. People have lived in the Hopi village of Orayvi, or Old Oraibi, since around the year 1000 AD.

The Loess Hills, 200 miles along the Missouri River in Iowa. Rock ground by glaciers into flour, then deposited by wind for thousands of years. The only other place in the world with anything like this is the Yellow River in China.

Jamaica, so beautiful, friendly, the music, was it Kipling who said "a little piece of Eden God forgot to wipe out." I was near Ocho Rios...this waterfall... you just get on a little jitney bus and travel around, and you meet lots of people.

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The Parthenon in Greece

Hadrian's Arch in Greece

The Coliseum in Rome

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

Big Ben in London

The Normandy American Graveyard in France

The Empire State Building in New York

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