Is this dress as a freshman too casual for homecoming?


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I personally think it is. This seems like a dress I'd wear to go out with my friends on a weekend afternoon (not much of a night look either). It's very cute though so, unless you're the type to only wear dresses on special occasions, I'd get it for casual purposes.

Sticking to Urban Outfitters, I think that these dresses would be more appropriate for the event if you don't want to look super fancy but not too casual:

Most of these are considerably more expensive than the one that you wanted so if you're looking for a lower price, I'd suggest you go to thrift stores or, if you're shopping online, try going to a more low end retail website. You could probably find something of a similar style.

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Dear Anonymous,

I cannot really say yes or no, since I don't personally know the styles now. However, what I can say is that the dress flows very nicely with the shape of a young woman...

It is said that there are three stages in a woman's life - maiden, mother and crone. It is fun to just enjoy each of dress and every other way...

If this dress makes you feel really comfortable in how you look and move, then do consider completing the look with accessories: Very special shoes, maybe a silver wire bracelet on your upper arm reflecting the straps in back...a lovely silk scarf on your wrist?

* * *

Imagine the whole evening in your mind, and then you can decide whether this look is the direction you want for the dance.

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Didge Doo
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Some of my best friends are crones. And, no, I do not think of it as a pejorative term.

But since you brought up threes, did you know there are three ships of romance? They are friendship, courtship and battle ship.
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Oh Dozy...well may there be only TWO from now on, for everybody!
Virginia Lou
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btw. it's pretty much a good time in our history to be a crone, I think...I am certainly enjoying it...

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