Fastest way to remove black heads on nose (read comment below)?


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The fastest way is some foundation or concealer :) However Gator Blu and Otis Campbell's answers do work in my experience, and I'm sure Matt Radiance's does too.

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Biore nose Strips. You can get them at Target, Walmart, or any drug store. They will pull them right out.

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Matt Radiance answered

Lemon Juice. It contains Alpha-Hydroxy acid which helps to remove dead skins. Also the Vitamin C containing in Lemon Juice is anti-oxidant and help to improve skin health.

First wash your face with natural cleanser.

Then get one teaspoon of juice.

Apply it on blackheads with cotton balls. Remember to not wipe it.

Let it dry for ten minutes. Then wash it with cold water.

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I use to use nose strips, don't squeeze blackheads on your nose as it is made of cartilage same as your ears, and if you've ever seen a rugby players cauliflower ear, well the same can happen to your nose if you squeeze it and damage it.  Blackheads are not spots they are a build up of sebum in your pores.  Here's a link with a few ideas :-

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I have ALOT of black heads mostly on my nose but also on my cheek near my nose. I need a FAST solution! Can be a home remedy or a product I can pick up at the store thanks

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Some home remedies for you:

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon contains vitamin C and acid which can remove dirt and sebum from skin very well. Do it 2 times per week. You can use lemon juice directly to apply to the skin, for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water

2. Glair

Egg whites can also help remove dead skin cells, dirt (cause of acne), and whiten your face. In term of the easiest way, you only need to rub glair on blemishes, for about 15 minutes, and rinse with water.

3. ToothpasteToothpaste will help you remove acne because of the ingredients of toothpaste – Sodium pyrophosphate - it can eliminate excess calcium causing acne while anti-inflammatory Silica can help support the process

Hope it helps. Good luck!

You can see at Authority Remedies - Home Remedies for Blackheads for more suggestion.

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