Guys Do you like girls with thick eyebrows?


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looks don't matter to me but you don't want ones that look like 5 catapillers on top of each other

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As a man, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm too straight to have a preference. I just like the female gender as who they are individually.

I like it when girls be confident enough to fight back the unrealistic expectations created by some foolish man and plastic woman. I really enjoy to see girls be themselves. To see them instead of copying someone else they embrace who they really are as a person and as a woman. I enjoy more to see when a woman is not gone through surgery in order to beauty. Beauty doesn't come with those blades.

Above all, what i care about the most is what's in a girl's mind, heart and soul.

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SuperFly Original
Great answer! simple and actually mostly true for most guys. We are not all a bunch of perverted sex deviants who like artificial perfection. Unless its a full moon... of course.
Matt Radiance
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Thanks. yea true! lol!
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I dont like them all the way to one side or the other. Its definitely somewhere in between too thick and too light. I never appreciated the eyebrows that look drawn on and overly perfect.

Cannot say I ever thought about eyebrows as a part in my preference. Not really all that important, to me. But if your eyebrows grow into wings enabling you to fly away.. Expect a subtle note that I shall write on this tiny piece of paper, hand to you.

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As long as she doesn't look like "Wild Bull Curry"

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Eyebrows are the last thing that would make me like someone.  There are way too many other things I look for in a person.

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It really depends on your face.. But i would say leave it alone! If you wax your eyebrows it can look really yucky when they are growing back in. Maybe just thin them out a bit by plucking them if that is what you are looking for.. But don't wax.. It takes off too much.

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